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We are one of the property portals in Bangalore to provide platform for property sellers and home seekers to locate properties of interest and get information about real estate in the location of your interest. Stayjoy’s main objective is to make property search easy for you. We provide buyers and sellers and real estate professionals an extensive online real estate ecosystem. We provide exhaustive search options for both renting and buying property and comprehensive data base of houses, apartments and paying guest facilities across Bangalore. We want to make the journey as joyful as the moment when you finally find the perfect home.

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Finding the right property needs lot of time, patience and effort. We provide the information about all the properties available that fits your needs. We explore many properties that will that match your requirements perfectly. If you are looking for buying, selling or renting a property, then Stayjoy is an ideal platform. Using Stayjoy, you can make the right choice with the wide varieties of options available. We give you viable options from our reliable resources, so that you can find properties which you are dreaming of. A home is a place, where we live for the entire life, So we want to make the home searching as joyful as the moment when you find your perfect home. At Stayjoy, we understand that people are searching for a homes and apartments to call their own. So we begin by helping our customers from the start of the search to finally finding the perfect home or apartment. We help you find joy of your life. Our experienced property advisors will guide you through the property buying journey and ensure to make the right choice with minimum effort.

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Stayjoy helps you to find the PG (Paying Guest) facilities in all the localities in Bangalore. We can provide the information about PG’s available in the locality you are looking for. PG’s provide rooms with food facility with 24/7 security. It’s safe to stay in PG, if staying alone. Stayjoy has comprehensive list of PG’s across Bangalore and other cities. You can make a right choice with the wide varieties of options available in our database.

make your family happy

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