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PG Accommodation for Boys (Gents) in Aundh Pune

Aundh is a suburb in the North-Western part of Pune. Aundh has many star hotels, gymnasiums, food store chains. The area is also a major hub for business as there are many companies. Aundh is a popular hangout destination for the cosmopolitan crowd of Pune. There are many high end showrooms, recreational outlets and health clubs. Aundh also has many popular restaurants like Starbucks Coffee, Dominos Pizza Subway, Spencer's, McDonald's, Coffee Day etc. Aundh has branded stores like Sony center, Woodland, Puma, Nike, etc. Aundh is among the most plush and up market in the city, owing to extremely high real-estate prices and is one of the best residential areas in Pune. This area is also known for good educational institutions like university of Pune.

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PG accommodation is available for gents also. People from different cities and working in Aundh will be looking for PG accommodation near to their office. By staying close to the office, they can avoid traveling long distances in heavy traffic. Since there are many software companies in Aundh, IT employees will be looking for accommodations close to their work place. There are many PG accommodations for boys (male) in Aundh Pune are available. Paying guest for boys (male) in Aundh Pune will provide good food and accommodation. Men prefer to stay in PG’s, so that they can avoid cooking. PG accommodation for men in Aundh Pune will also have TV and internet facilities. Paying guest for men in Aundh Pune will also provide housekeeping facilities. Some PG’s have washing areas to wash cloths and dry it. Some PG’s have washing machines for washing. Gents PG accommodation in Aundh Pune are available with plenty of options. Gents paying guest in Aundh Pune has to choose the right one which is suitable for their budget. Paying guest for men in Aundh Pune is very best option.

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