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PG Accommodation for Boys (Gents) in Basavanagudi Bangalore

Basavanagudi is one of the oldest localities in Bangalore. It has got the name due to the presence of bull temple which is a famous tourist spot. Basavanagudi has beautiful temples and mutts. This locality enjoys beautiful roads and good water supply. The famous Ramakrishna mutt has meditation center and has lot of visitors from many places. Basavanagudi is known for popular education nstitutions like National School and college, Acharya pathashala college, BMS college of Engineering. Basavanagudi has very big student population who prefer to stay in PG’s and hostels. There are very old and popular restaurants which are now renovated but still maintains the same quality food. Gandhi Bazaar is well known for fresh flowers, fruits, vegetables which is located in the center of Basavanagudi. One will enjoy all the facilities in Basavanagudi area.

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There is a huge demand for PG accommodation for boys (male) in Basavanagudi Bangalore. Basavanagudi is a center place in Bangalore city. Due to the proximity to many companies and industries, employees who work in these companies, prefer to stay close to their workplace. Paying guest for boys in Basavanagudi Bangalore is available in plenty. But people have to choose the right one depending on their needs. Living in PG accommodation for men in Basavanagudi Bangalore has many advantages like food, security, room cleaning services etc. Paying guest for men in Basavanagudi Bangalore is available in all ranges of budget. Some PG’s have veg and non veg food options. Gents PG accommodation in Basavanagudi Bangalore will have TV and internet facilities. Gents (male) paying guest in Basavanagudi Bangalore will have strict rules to provide comfortable stay. PG’s are available with single room and rooms sharing with two to three people are also available. People can select the one suitable for their budget.

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