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PG Accommodation for Girls (Ladies) in Wakad Pune

Wakad was a small village in Pune with rich, fertile, black soil famous for farming and farmers used to grow sugarcane, onion and groundnut. Wakad is a locality within the municipal limits of Pune Metropolitan City. Wakad was known for religious carnival at the temple of Mhatoba in the peripheral villages. Now Wakad has fully fledged drainage system and electricity, water facilities and good roads and other civic infrastructure which has made it perfect place for living. Due to its proximity to software technology parks and Biotechnology parks, the phenomenal growth has taken place in Wakad locality. The municipal corporation has granted permission for new building projects. Many new apartment complexes have come up in the area.

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Wakad is one of the fastest growing localities of Pune Metropolitan Area. Due to the presence of IT parks, the demand for paying guest accommodation has also increased. PG accommodation for girls (female) in Wakad Pune is available with many options. Accomodation with independent rooms are available for girls. Paying guest for girls (female) in Wakad Pune is also available with two or three people sharing options. PG accommodation for women in Wakad Pune is quite expensive with all modern facilities. 24/7 security is a must for women PG’s. Paying guest for women in Wakad Pune is in very high demand. Wakad is a wonderful place to live. Ladies PG accommodation in Wakad Pune will have all amenities like, TV, internet, washing rooms with washing machines. Food will be served three times with both veg and non-veg options. It’s very useful for ladies to stay close to their work place and no hassles of commuting in heavy traffic. Ladies paying guest in Wakad Pune is available with all modern facilities, so that ladies can spend their free time inside the PG with good security.

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